Why 2011.11.11 ?

LOVE or Fear?

I used to be afraid of the bad guys. But now I am not any more. I guess I have chosen the path of love and confidence.

I trust in what the (real!) Mayas are telling us; that between March 9th 2011 and 28th October 2011 all of creation is exceeding speed of evolutioan such as never seen before on this planet.

This Free Energy For All Campaign may challenge you to to decide between fear and love as to commit here may mean problems. However I believe the devine plan is on our side and the timequality as described by the Mayas works for us now. It is high time to act NOW!

Once you have commited here you may also have a look wearetheway-movement, I am also a co-founder of.

4YG Four years go prompted me to start this 2011 Free Energy for all – initiative, because I believe that with relatively little effort very much can be achieved when the enrgy issue is solved!

So as you can see 2011.11.11 is after (2011.11.28) what the MAYAs consider the hight-light of the evolution and humanity where hopefully after this time we have learnt to UNITE and CO-CREATE so we are ready for the new Free Energies for all!

The number 11 is according to MAYA understanding the figure of transformation and CHANGE announcing the (R)EVOLUTION!


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