HOW TO dissolve Chemtrails: built a CB

How to built an orgonite Don Croft Cloud Buster  to dissolve Chemtrails

Additional Info on how to built a cloudbuster

from Kara Püttmann:

You want to built ab CB to
dissolve Chemtrails and interrupt HAARP transmission

Tipps and tricks that you do not find in the original building plan from Don Croft.
How and where to get the materials for building your CB

Metal scabs (what to use and where to get:)
Any metal shaving will do. What we need is the crab that falls of the machines when people produce metal things. I just go into such companies that promeduce metal stuff and ask if I can have some of their garbage, usually they give it for free. If they ask what for I say I do handicrafts. The stuff looks nice: metal spirals. Copper is very expenive and not the best material: best material is aluminum, because there is aluminum in the chemtrails that needs to be transformed (law of resonance) but any metal will do. If you can use a mix of different metals. Aluminum has a second advantage: it is very light in weight and if you want to transport the CB it’s weights less.

Pipes (Which to use and where to get).

If you want it to look nice and decorative an have the money go into hardwarstore and buy new. If you life of budget and want primarily
te function of the CB
So for the pipes the original building plans all use copper pipes which are quite expensive. Here again any metal will do. If your CB is primarily for function not for being beautifull you can use crab and garbagge (recylce!). Any pipe will do from old water pipe to oven-pipes up to 10 cm diameter, one is enough (some producers call these Haubitze which is a term for a warweapon which I do not like.) I’ve got one like that and it works fine.

In my opinion we should learn to make use of our garbage and scabsas well as being very thrifty about what we take from the earth:
Copper should be used to make tools to work the earth (like Spades and forks etc.) with increases growth of the plants dramatically in a natural way without using chemicals. Copper tools also improve the life of useful microorganisms of the earth that help the plants.

WARNING: Please do NOT make the pipes longer than 2 meter: this disturbs UFO’s they seem to feel threatend or at least disturbed. Please, please do do NOT toy around with this!

Double-terminated quarzcristals
A inexpensive version and trick is to be thrifty with the cristals is to glue two tips together, than they work as a doubleterminated cristal. It is a pitty to cast the real DT’s away, they could e used for other motre important purposes than to disappear for eaver ina CB, especially if with the trick they can be saved. Real DT’s can most easily be bought from people who are into building and selling CB’s. (Because they ahave already gone through the process of finding them for themselves.) One kind of cristal that is always a DT are Herkheimer Diamonds. They are very clear and small DT’s . They should NOT be used for the CB’s because they are to small, but are excellent for te tip of litte pyramids or even betterfor things you hang around your neck and always carry with you. (This is really worthwhile!) If you look on the normal cristal market it may be a bit difficult to find DT’s. You can ask your local cristal store to get them for you. My Haubitze (CB with one ovenpipe) has a DT that is big as 30 cm.
Budget version for resin alternative:

the epoxy is quite expenise and a chemical which disturbs some. A budget version is to use cast. (Gips) The white stuff that is used when you broke your bones. This may not be as wheather proof but I am sure a solution can be found in that case too.

Yes, it is an art in itself to get all the materials for building a CB together. But once you know it is realy easy and you should teach and show others!

Have fun building. Please, now that you know how to built a BC yourself and how and where to get the materials tell and show many others. Spread the word be an example. Especially if you see the working of the CB with your own eyes you will be existed! Do not be surpised when the black helicopters come, that most probably will show up. Observe they have no signs. Maybe you can document the clearing of the skies and the helicopters with your camera and post on youtube or facebook. They helicopters are part of proving how powerful the CB’s are that the military comes around to see what you do. Do not worry they do not do anything just look. The man that built my Haubitze (CB) talked with someone from the military. The guy said they have two kinds of radar.and the CB’s show up on the militatry radar. Do you have questions if they work? Try it yourself!
For the adventurous types: please do not disturb the UFOs (by making the pipes to long) but if you are into kicks and adrenalin attract the mititary instead! That is enough of an adventure!

Please dokument and report any sightings of helicopters and UFO’s in reaction to Cloudbusters! This is best done when you put the CB up for the first time.


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