FUEL from Hydrogen England


8. February 2011 by Honigmann

Andreas Vogt v. Retyi and Niki

It sounds almost unbelievable:

Internationally renowned scientists have developed in a collaboration of several universities a new fuel that is environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

Since 2007, there was the secret scientific project that was funded by a large company. Now there is this fuel actually. Even better, the engines of existing vehicles do not need to be upgraded. And a liter costs less than 30 cents. The combustion are no greenhouse gases. More environmentally friendly than the new fuel – that’s not easy. But therein lies the problem: The EU policy is to prevent the production, because otherwise you will break all over Europe, those billions of tax revenue away, which they cashed with regard to climate protection for motorists. Not only at the World Economic Forum in Davos was the newly developed fuel under the really important participants of the main topics of conversation, which caused considerable concern, behind closed doors. In press releases, as there was nothing like this to read. The public should learn not know what you’re trying to avoid.

The way to the gas station for many commuters and frequent travelers almost a “walk to Canossa”, because the prices of petrol and diesel rise seems unstoppable. By as much as 35 percent oil and gasoline in the past twelve months have become more expensive. So far, the consumer dictates the price of oil markets were helpless. But long faces at the pumps could soon be a thing of the past. Because a company has had many years of secret research on the same number of universities to a technology that could trigger the end of the oily mess. The new fuel should be already fully available in three years. Then would the motorized world supposedly totally independent of fossil fuel resources. In addition to environmental friendliness and low price comes from vehicle manufacturers, especially the message that the new fuel requires no retrofitting of existing engines, in disbelief.

Link to a german article about

Hydrogen Fuel from England:



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