The GOAL & Purpose

Free Energy For All (FEFA) – Campaign

is that on 11.11.2011 many inventors worldwide will have the courage to go public, because many people ask for it!

is all about raising the awareness to a solution that could solve many of our problems like pollution, dependency etc.

There must be an in-formed public!!!

Let’s stop the exploitation of mother earth form oil and the consequent catastrophies plus the earthpolution from the motors (exhaustfumes) plus the exploitation and dependancy of people to the multis!!!

Free Energy`s most prominent figure is Nikolas Tesla who invented many electrical patents, (1800 to be exact), already arroud the turn of the last century. The tower of wardencliff that should have provided free energy for all of humanity he built 1900. (A similar device is ready to be used today says wisdomkeeper Kiesha)

Many other inventors have also made astounding discoveries, such as

* cars driving by air, water or hydrogen,

* machines that can produce up to 12 x as much energy as put in (Levis cold fusion device even more, Italy)

* other once startet keep on running without any additional input like the testatika that produces 30KW and produces the  electricity for a whole community in Swisserland.

Many of the inventors have been threatend, in prison, some were killed.

These technologies that have been arround for more than 150 years have been suppressed by the mighty ever since, to keep us dependant and milk us of our hard earned money.

2011 Free Energy for All -Campaign wants to back the inventors to come forth all at once on November 11, 2011 by us all, so that the public (that’s US!) asking for enviromenttaly friendly and feasable technologies for humanities future.

So please IN-FORM yourself and others! Spread the word. NOW!

You are welcome to use all available materials on this page!

Connect with us on Facebook and

for the inventors: Free Energy –Products & Inventors Club (FEPIC) on FB

Support our cause!


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