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April 17, 2011

1 cent per kilowatt hour for current announced

Cold fusion in the Black Box?

by Haiko Lietz 03/23/2011 at Telepolis
The solid-state nuclear research examined a potentially revolutionary breakthrough in energy production. Since 2004, Telepolis reported on the status and political background to the study of the so-called cold fusion. Today introduced 22 years ago is this form of nuclear fusion at room temperature, “not a few are still an important energy source for the future. After hopes that U.S. policy would be cold fusion on the agenda and share of public research funding, to nothing, were concentrated the field again more true in the research, especially the nano research (lobbying for Cold Fusion. Two years ago we had here predicts that by 2020 is expected to secure applications for heating purposes (Cold Fusion and the future). However, if true, as announced by the engineer Andrea Rossi and demonstrated in Italy, then these drives are for heat and electricity from Cold Fusion to already 2012 to the market. This announcement even the experts of the field by surprise. While the world is faced with atomic devastation and a new resource war, is convinced the Internet is a potential technological breakthrough is discussed, which compares the future researcher Gerald Celente already with the discovery of fire .

Giuseppe Levi observed radiation measurements at the current Rossi-reactor

A related experiment carried out

14. January 2011, 19 clock, Cerodolo industrial district, a few miles from Bologna. Giuseppi Levi takes a deep breath. He is happy that the semi-public experiment but still works, because at first it seemed to fail. Ironically, on that day failed, the data recording and played the heating unit crazy. Restlessness and skepticism had already taken hold among the 50 hand-selected observers. Had the unit as yet done his job the day before, the input power could be down regulated at 100 watts, in favor of a higher yield.

Levi suggests once again the values ​​that he has just measured. 4.9 grams of water per second were bypass the reactor and evaporated from about 20 to 101 degrees Celsius was. This corresponds to an output of 12,400 watts. The input power in the “steady state” operation was 400 watts. The engine of the nuclear engineer and physicist Andrea Rossi Sergio Focardi had produced 31 times more energy than they had consumed. This is for him the most important result of the day.

Confidence in the reactor has Levi since 16 December 2010, when he had seen how they work independently, without external energy source carries. The nuclear physicist at the University of Bologna had organized the experiment to demonstrate to colleagues the “energy catalyst”. “A ‘public experiment’, where physicists can observe the machine really is much more interesting than a series of PowerPoint slides, share with Levi Telepolis. “Edison did not talk about the light bulb, he showed them.” With Rossi, the inventor of the steam engine, it was agreed that this serves only the appliance on the experimental table. He and his colleagues in the physics and chemistry departments performed all measurements independently. If Levi had not already known from previous measurements that no harmful electromagnetic or particle radiation is produced, it would have been more cautious.

From Cold Fusion Giuseppe Levi may not speak, rather low-energy nuclear reactions (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions – LENR). Because for him, the reactor is a black box. What is going on in it – whether it’s fusion – he knows just as all other observers. This much is known: In the reactor vessel contains a few grams of nickel, ideally in the form of a nano powder, hydrogen gas and one or more today closely guarded catalysts in an atmosphere of 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. Bar If the temperature is increased above a heater, lights, the reactor and generates so much heat that the preferred operating temperatures of 150 to 500 degrees Celsius of self-perpetuating. The hot reactor water evaporates, which ultimately heated, doing work or power can be generated.

To rule out that in the black box quite simply, hydrogen is burned – one of the simplest chemical reactions – Levi has reviewed the hydrogen consumption. 218 grams of hydrogen would have to be burned to produce the measured amount of energy. A maximum of one gram was actually consumed. Also, a power cord that would have the energy to its past can supply instruments, has not found Levi. Focardi and Rossi say in their joint paper that the reactor produces energy because nickel and copper to fuse hydrogen. In individual cases should be up to 415 times more energy produced than consumed.

In the nickel powder by operation of the reactor to the stable copper isotopes 63 and 65 have been measured in an unnatural abundance ratio – a reference to a fusion or transmutation reaction. On the other hand, is expected at the proposed nuclear reaction gamma rays. Focardi have already measured this often, but on 14 January was the instrument of Levis colleagues no values ​​above the natural background radiation.

Andrea Rossi explained observers on 14 January 2011 its reactor

Company announces current for 1 cent per kilowatt hour

15. January 2011, 9 clock, Andrea Rossi moderated the comments that have accumulated since his last visit. Already in April 2010 he had the cat out of the bag, his company was developing a reactor that produces 1 megawatt of power. This could provide 1000 single-family homes with energy.

Today, the announcement of opportunity, Rossi online holes with questions. The megawatt reactor consists of 125 serial and parallel modules of demonstrated design and would be completed in the coming months.

Reactors would generate energy on demand. Under controlled conditions could lead to their energy supply to be switched off and they ran on their own. At least one unit had two years of energy produced.

By 2012, the first units would arrive with maintenance intervals of six months on the market. A kilowatt hour of electricity would probably cost a cent and would thus be at least ten times cheaper than currently commercially available electricity from coal and 25 times current as “green”.

In two to three years, the mass production are in full swing. Only a matter is still not reflected Rossi: catalysts which enable the reaction. Before the trade secret is not patented, he could not talk about it. After four hours, he finishes the question and answer session. As a result, the page is visited so much that the server refused the service.

Andrea Rossi is an engineer and president of the Leonardo Corporation, headquartered in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA. The company developed according to website generators, which produce heat and electricity from vegetable oil. At LENR Rossi works since 1993. The size of the company wanted Rossi to give any information. On 5 February 2011, the consortium Defkalion Technogies Green, whose sole purpose is to manufacture and market the Rossi-technology, has gone on Greek television to the public. Defkalion therefore will not sell electricity, but generators up to 20 kilowatts, that heat and electricity can be produced locally. The Swedish news service said the consortium spokesman Simeon NyTeknik Tsalikoglou:

This technology will not change the world energy consumption over night. In essence, we propose a new and impressive energy source that provides the end users convenient, clean and renewable energy. We intend to socially responsible pricing and market penetration. We also divided global energy trends and expected us in the gradual transformation of the energy system.
Symeon Tsalikoglou, Defkalion Green Technologies

The consortium of companies according to their own information on the energy industry. Previously Defkalion had Rossi’s blog already written, was said to “a significant and exciting technological breakthrough, which will be more energy there is no scarce resource”.

Assessments from inside and outside

be investigated in the solid state nuclear research, the art on the nuclear reactions in metals, initial skepticism has been the hope for the long-awaited breakthrough course. Focardi and Rossi enjoy great credibility.

Focardi belongs with his colleague Francesco Piantelli, University of Siena, a pioneer in research on nuclear reactions in hydrogenated nickel. Since 1992, the group with 50 Watt excess power not only one of the most productive in this regard, experiments have ever done. With two experiments that produced nearly a year of energy and the production of neutrons, gamma rays and the transmutation of elements they have in the eyes of insiders also revealed that the phenomena in the metal lattice of non-chemical and thus may be of a conventional nature. Edmund Storms, LENR researchers estimated the first hour, the current situation as follows:

We have arrived. It is interesting that we have arrived in another car as we had expected. Cold fusion started with [heavy hydrogen] and palladium, and Rossi has now been found that, in light of nickel and hydrogen quite well. … [Focardi and Rossi] have found a way to increase the effect such that it is of interest as industrial energy source. Researchers in the field of cold fusion worked out even, but never achieved such a large heat production. This came as a surprise but also as a shock to people and has missed a kick, then go ahead a little faster. Now it looks as though the phenomenon actually applications.
Edmund Storms, Kivalabs

Meanwhile, are also present estimates of scientists who are not actively involved in the solid-state nuclear research or the study of Rossi machine. Sven Kullander, Professor Emeritus at Uppsala University and chairman of the Energy Committee of the National Academy of Sciences and certified Rossi Focardi the Italian Daniele Passerini bloggers over a “clean scientific approach”. He had a good idea of ​​Rossi. “I think it’s interesting to talk to him, and I can hardly imagine that he is a fraud has thought.” Also Hanno Essen, a professor of theoretical physics at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and chairman of the Swedish Society of skeptics, finds it “very unlikely that there is only a fraud alone.”

Discovery of the gentle fire?

The end of 2010 had Gerald Celente, futurist and editor of the Trends Journal, written, scientific visionaries and entrepreneurs would in 2011 from mainstream new science unnoticed based on principles that were once considered impossible to form, creating devices that release more energy than they . consume End of January 2011, he clarified in a radio interview:

There has been a major breakthrough in cold fusion. It happened in Italy. … There are other breakthroughs in energy production. This will change the course of things. The Great Depression will not happen. Go back after 1990. We were in a recession. What has brought us out? The Internet Revolution! Today, our whole life is different. Now tilt the entire global geopolitical landscape. If we were in Iraq when their biggest export was broccoli and they are not sitting on the second largest oil reserve in the world? The game is changing: The energy that [the Cold Fusion] comes out, is much larger than the one that goes inside. This will be the biggest investment opportunity of the 21st his century. This is as big as the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel.
Gerald Celente, Trends Research Institute

Since the Levi Giuseppe Rossi reactor on 10 was inspected in February 2011 for a third time in service for 18 hours and watch the production of at least 15 kilowatts, he expresses himself more clearly than before. NyTeknik he said:

Now that I was able to observe the unit for several hours, I think all the chemical energy sources are excluded. This time I opened the control unit (and studied the inside), as was told they could contain a hidden battery. I would swear in court that they are up to the control electronics – five simple [controls] – was empty … If I see now with the most accurate methods really nuclear changes, then we have a new physics. Then there is no doubt.
Giuseppe Levi, University of Bologna

To eliminate any remaining doubts about the technology, will announce shortly the University of Bologna in a one-year program to study the Rossi-reactor. With A Celente has certainly been right: The entire development takes place outside of the mainstream media as scientific. For publication of his article with Focardi Rossi had specially created a peer-reviewed journal as a blog to be “ghettoized” not only of established journals, he says, are Telepolis. And except a few reports in the Italian and Greek mass media information is almost entirely created on the Web and discussed.

This article is Telepolis-devoted to Ahmed Khammas, author who gathered in tireless hard work in the book of synergy everything there is to know about energy.

April 17, 2011

Inventors are at lives danger! LET US STOP this NOW!

April 17, 2011

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